Oct. 13th, 2014 09:11 pm
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So [ profile] mellafe demanded proof of my cute cat being cute, which sounds like the perfect excuse for a wee picspam :D

We adopted Ginkgo in February, and she seems to have completely settled in, becoming more and more cuddly. At first, she didn't seem quite convinced about being picked up, but now she'll meow at you until you do, and likes to be carried around the house in your arms. She's incredibly curious, and this way she can see things from on high. Like all cats, she spends around 20 hours a day asleep in various parts of the house, always looking so happy. Her purrs sound like crackling fireworks, and when she falls deeply asleep she gives out little raspy, whispery snores.

If you're paying attention to anything that isn't her, she'll inevitably come along at some point to find out if it can possibly be more interesting than she is, usually testing this by trying to eat it (so this week she discovered salt and vinegar crisps), trying to see if it'll make a comfortable bed (unfortunately, books do...), trying it out as a new toy (even more unfortunately, she likes the crackling noise that she can make by pawing pages), or, if all else fails, climbing on your head. (She's wedged herself between me and my laptop right now, looking really pleased with herself.)

And several times a day she just becomes completely hyperactive, tearing from one room to another, around all the furniture, chirruping maniacally to herself. Her favourite toy at the moment is a six-foot grass stem with lots of seeds that make an intriguing rattling noise - she'll chase it back and forth over and over again, until she flops over, panting.

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