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Happy New Year (when it comes)!!

I'm pretty excited about 2015 right now, sitting on the couch feeling cosy and yet sort of new. I've made a lot of progress this year: I found a job that I quite like, I've been seeing a counsellor and with his help am doing better mentally, I've gone back to some favourite hobbies that had slipped away, and I've kept trying to do the things that I think are important in spite of frequent setbacks. There were many scary times when I was so terrified of things that I thought I couldn't make it, or when I became paralysed or frantic. I'm proud to have made it through that, and I feel good about the coming year, hopeful that I'll keep getting better.

Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real? )
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It's a bit mind-boggling to realise that I've been living here for five months already o.o This has been an invalubale pause in my life - I've stopped running along while holding together everything with string and masking tape, and instead stopped and let it all fall out of my head, and that's meant that I've been(/am) a bit crazy and not particularly useful to anyone, but I've always had to make a mess before I can tidy properly (and there's nothing wrong with a bit of craziness now and then). I'm trying to spring clean my mind and my lifestyle, because I don't want to just keep distracting myself by reading fanfic while ignoring the fact that there is something within myself which I need to fix, or at least understand.

3rd March: I'm sitting by the open window, looking onto our little ivy-covered courtyard, listening to church bells ringing in the distance, with sunlight filtering in alongside that soft air current that makes you feel as though you could wrap yourself up in it or use it float up onto the rooftops. It's like the stereotypical beginning of a nostalgic French film. This is how I imagined life here.

So, here is the bit about my personal angst (+ optimism!) )

And this is the bit about French food and Christmas-time! )


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